Community Outreach Program

The goal of our Outreach Program is to provide better, smarter and affordable access to accurate weather source that is of value for qualified individuals, public schools, communities, fire departments etc. We want to encourage the growth of new generation weather enthusiasts and continue to promote the fascinating world of meteorology.
We’re excited to hear from you, and eager to connect your community with ours! Please share this program to anyone who is interested or can take advantage of a BloomSky smart weather camera station. Let us know how you and your local community would benefit from a BloomSky.
Please follow the below steps and submit a completed application and survey to be considered. If accepted, we will send you an email with an one-time shopping code to be used at checkout reflecting the program's $99 plus shipping for the SKY2 Weather Camera Kit. Please keep in mind that the current program is a limited time opportunity and available to United States residents. Please contact us at if you're interested in bringing a future Outreach Program to your community.